Anything but civilized

I’ve started and stopped several Civ VI games now and avoided war as much as possible worried over all the weariness that is described by the community. Glad I finally ignored that and went for it. As the Aztecs I wiped out the French before even discovering iron. A few Jaguar warriors and a battering ram and Paris has fallen. Much more enjoyable. Meanwhile Norway crossed my path and settled where my settler was en route. ¬†Took that city, saved my settler and then got an amazing offer of peace as my Jaguar’s were knocking on his capital door. Much more fun this way.

And now for something totally different. I purchased a couple of domain names with some ideas in my head. It all starts with cabanabae.com. I decided to take a stab at a fan site for the resort. Want to compile all the information I can from across the entire interwebs and see what happens. I have a week off coming up as a staycation and thought maybe this could keep me busy. My AI skills have been put to the test in modifying the original logo into this wonderful thing. Having an issue with my provider that seems to be taking forever to get corrected but as long as its done by the end of next week I’ll be a pretty happy camper ready to settle into this project for the following week.

Double header today, Bruins at 1, Pats at 4. I anticipate a lot of drinking later on. Especially when the reality that The Walking Dead is on break tonight.

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