Winter is coming

Yes, Winter is definitely arriving. Looking like Mondays commute is going to be a mess. Hoping for the worst in this case because if it turns to rain right before I drive it will just be awful getting to work. Where as if it stays snow just a little longer its understood you can stay remote to work. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. Why am I worried about Monday anyway, its the weekend for crying out loud. Tibbs is in the holiday spirit, why shouldn’t I be? Amirite.

Bruins have been pissing me off, but I have victories elsewhere. Been making some killer food and my skills with Illustrator have greatly improved. After accomplishing pen tool mastery it was sad to see I couldn’t figure out the coloring process. Happy to report it wasn’t easy but, I finally am getting it. Now I am just an idea away from the start of a t-shirt design side business. I can dream right?

Work has been going well, officially got my promotion and raises are never a bad thing.

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