Disaster Recovered

2015-06-02-07.25.27_ESo I did this disaster recovery thing over the past week. We flew to Philadelphia and recovered our infrastructure as if our data center had been wiped out. It was long days and long nights but in the end I actually kind of enjoyed it. It was a good learning experience as well as an intense team building exercise. I don’t know if I will ever be chosen to go again but I wouldn’t hate it, is all I am saying.

I really enjoyed Philly which also surprised me. It was very similar to Boston but more spread out and food carts thrown about all over the place. The food and drinks were fantastic and I wish I could have seen more of the city. Regardless my opinion of Philly has changed for the better.

2015-06-02-07.25_EWhile I was there, I got to see game 1 of the cup. Hard to believe the season is so close to a finish. Game 1 was pretty amazing in that Tampa pretty much owned Chicago yet out of nowhere Chicago comes back and wins it without even an overtime. What looked like was going to be a disastrous sweep suddenly looks really really interesting.

Game of Thrones. Don’t even get me started! WHAT?!?!?!?!


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