Happy Memorial Day weekend

2015-05-22 19.24.09Before I even begin, let me acknowledge what Memorial Day is all about. Remembrance of those who have died so that we can enjoy living in the greatest country of all time. Thank you for your sacrifice so my children can grow up in freedom.

So last night I bagged this monster on a big single blade buzz bait. Best fight of the year and weighed in about 3 lbs. He charged right at me, had to reel as fast as I could to not let him slack the line, it was really a fun catch. It was about dusk, somewhere in the 60’s and the wind had just switched heading south from the north.

Work has been a challenge keeping the new building up and running. Its keeping me sharp so I wont complain. Well, I will, but I will not mean it as much as I want everyone to think. Learning a lot about different platforms that I would have never had the opportunity to touch.

Hockey… Both series tied 2 – 2 pretty exciting. If I get my way it will be Anaheim and the Rangers in the cup. I originally was pulling for Chicago, but the unorthodox style of the Ducks has won me over. Regardless it has been a great playoff season and whomever makes the finals is going to be amazing.

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